Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost Keys

At church on Sunday I brought my camera because the nursery teacher had lost hers. She told a story about how she prayed and found it that morning. Then, a couple of the mothers started talking about the "prayer for lost things phenomenon." It always works no matter what.

Well, last night I went to bed and thought, okay, let's test it. I had misplaced my cell phone since Sunday (2 days) and felt I wanted to find it. I said a prayer last night and this morning. Getting out of my truck, I somehow looked at the glove compartment and remembered that I tucked the phone under the dash cover in the truck. It worked! My phone was found!

I picked up the phone, and my wallet and then shut and locked the doors of my truck--to discover that I had locked my keys in the truck!! Boy, was I glad I had the found the cell phone! Double thanks for that "prayer for lost things phenomenon." It worked for me this morning! Just in time. I was locked out of the house and truck, but at least I had my cell phone to call for help!

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