Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas was so very different this year....
Maybe because my husband after 16 years of marriage figured out that palangi's like surprises.  And boy did he surprise me. With something that I have wanted for years... But what was sweet was that he wrapped it up with deodorant and other stuff I would have never figured out what it was.  I love it.

And because of a special card that someone gave us with a little bit of money in it.  Just that they would think of us, that someone would be that kind and give us that gift touched my heart.  Thank you whoever you are and I am sure that karma will be coming back your way in a very good way because of your thoughtfulness. And if you believe in Heavenly Father, and I do, I am sure he is smiling in Heaven for your kindness.

I am hoping that He will smile more for the things I do this year as well.

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