Saturday, December 18, 2010


    I am thankful for Christmas this year.  I've taken a much less about "things" approach and more about just keeping it simple.  The neatest thing is, my kids for the most part, did not ask for all those fancy gadgets that everyone else already has.  I feel sad we can't afford even one DSi for Christmas.  But we did find a lovely idea.  Three gifts like the Wisemen gave: A Gift of Meaning (something that means a lot to a person), A Gift of Wonder (something that is awesome) and a Gift of Usefulness ( socks etc.) So that makes things much simplier.  Plus a stocking so there is still lots of fun.

I am thankful for Christmas this year and that our little family is together...we've had a rough year like no other so it makes this Christmas together even better.
and for the cookies our neighbors brought us one afternoon this week  when we were sitting and feeling very sorry for ourselves....Cookies make everything better.

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