Saturday, November 20, 2010

My greatest irrational fear.

        Most of you don' t know this about me.  I don't tell many people but I was reminded of it yesterday when I finished work.  It was a grade 5 class and there was one little boy left and he came up to my desk and stuck out is finger (totally bloody) and said, "Can you help me with this?" --meaning put the band-aid on.  Little did he know that I was going to pass out (literally).  I get queasy about stuff like that and when I worked at the hospital (for one month) I seriously was not cut out to be there.  I knew it from the first day, tried to quit several times and finally was able to.  But, not before learning tons of stuff about hospitals--esp. that I did not want to get bacteria XYZ.  Not the real name, but you get what I mean.  Well, last week I went to the Doc and what do you think he told me? He thought I had bacteria XYZ.  And somehow had acquired it...Now, that has been pretty much my biggest fear and he said it!!  You should have seen my face.  You should have seen my reaction.  He was not expecting I would even know what XYZ was, let alone be freaked out.   I was.  At least, until yesterday when I went back and he said no, the tests came back and I don't have IT.  Sorry, I faint when I see blood, I get the Hibbie Geebies when I think about germs especially XYZ and I am so very very thankful for my news in the Doctor's office.
Other things I am so very thankful for this week:
*Aleki is home after a week in SLC
*My son's blog and writing ability--incredible
*To live in Canada and be able to go to the Doctor without a big bill and stress to pay for it
*My Mom out of the hospital
*Some great days TOC'ing with wonderful students, esp. yesterday
*A new mattress after over 16? years of marriage with out ever having a new mattress.
*A new warm hat (It snowed yesterday and it is soooo very cold)
*My kids --their report cards were so very sweet

And the most incredible feeling was.....
Coming home from work yesterday

and having Tommy come up and sit on my lap
and look at me like he really missed me

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