Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1, 2010

Again, I am Canadian. I am so thankful.... words can not even describe it. I have been around the world and I love home best.

Except when I am not here, I would want to be in Tonga. So thankful that my J is there and learning abou this dad and what life was like for his dad growing up there... and hope he comes back a changed person with a different perspective on life... like I did when I was there almost 15 years ago....yeah, wow, it really has been that long.

Thankful for being in limbo as far as a home to call home becasue when we do find will be, oh so wonderful. Really looking forward to that feeling....and for the feeling I got that it is okay and being in limbo will work out for us. And that it is in His hands.

And for my husband. Sheesh, I missed you today in a million different ways.

For my two litle ones who wanted to surprise me by making breakfast and setting the table... oh, it was so nice.

And for sleep overs in our front room like tonight, and feeling so close to these little ones and so thankful for each one of them...

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