Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28,2010

Since leaving Utah I have felt like an alien on and off on sundays. I can't really explain it except that I look at myself and say, I don't think I'm an alien, so why do I feel like one....Even though I feel that way I keep hoping things will be different...I am thankful for what I believe about Heavenly Father and that he is mindful of me...even when I feel like an alien...and the hope that things will somehow get better for me and this place of unwelcome and lonliness will somehow end... I have strong feelings about each person's individual worth and how Heavenly Father loves each of us in an incomprehensible way.....I am thankful for those feelings when I miss old familiar friends and feeling welcome in the place where one should feel welcome* the most.*

I am thankful to have known Amini T. and sorry he had to leave us. He was seriously my favorite of all Aleki's brothers and sisters...(and there are 14 of them!) Why is it the relatives I love most have to die first? My dad and now Amini.... I am thankful for the time I spent in Tonga and knowing someone as clever and witty as you, AT. RIP

I am thankful that today was the last day I had to make lunches for the boys in a long, long time!

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